It’s Only Kinda Magic.

Organizations that are highly effective communicators generate almost 50% higher total returns than those that aren’t.  Screen shot 2014-07-23 at 11.13.23 PM

Our clients marvel that the results they are able achieve with our services almost feel like magic, but it’s only kinda magic. We combine proven approaches from the science of change communication and public relations with expert facilitation and research-based leadership development to help you connect critical “people” dots and lay the crucial groundwork for the people-side of your project’s success. The real marvel is the number of organizations that leave this guaranteed success element – people – to chance.

[Listen to April Armstrong, CEO, speak about leading change at Harvard University]

Our holistic, three-phase approach uses proven qualitative and quantitative methods to:

1. We begin with assessments to Awaken you and your team to critical “lay of the land” insights. You illuminate blind spots bringing awareness and clarity to relevant attitudinal, perceptual and behavioral realities scattered across the success terrain of your goals, including potentially important influence targets.

2. You and your team then selects the priority insights you see as most urgent and important to Heed.

3. Finally, we work alongside you and your team to Align your key messages and leadership behaviors, to execute specific collaborative influence strategies at all levels necessary to achieve your goals. We support you and your team as you implement, helping you calibrate your strategy and course-correct as needed along the way to success.

The result? You sidestep the most common landmines that tank most change initiatives, and you chart a surprisingly efficient path to success. Learn more about how the magic happens here.

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April Armstrong and LT General Russell Honore (Ret.) speak with government and corporate leaders at West Point USMA about leading transformational change.

April Armstrong and LT General Russell Honore (Ret.) share leadership lessons from catastrophic disaster response with government and corporate leaders at the United States Military Academy at West Point.


AHA Insight performance consultants are accredited in public relations.