Goodbye Headache. Hello Happy.

When it comes to high stakes projects and  initiatives,
don’t go to work without AHA Insight.

AHA Insight helps AHA_insight_logo_8.5x11-01you keep the “people-side” of your most complex projects and change initiatives from running off the rails when time is limited and success is essential. Let’s face it, with increasing pressure for results and the dizzying demands of the “day-to-day” – not to mention growing the top and bottom line – when it comes to “high-stakes” initiatives, success is essential.

[Listen to April Armstrong, CEO, speak about leading change at Harvard University]

At AHA, our expert strategists generate the “people” insights you need to succeed with your project or change initiative. But we don’t stop there. We help you convert those insights into action and results, from the array of people on whom your success depends. 

April Armstrong of AHA Insight, delivers critical "people" insights to technical leaders around their most important change and transition initiatives.

“Successful organizations engineer the “people” side of success as much as the technical and business aspects of success with high-stakes projects and initiatives – they do not leave it to chance,” says April Armstrong, CEO of AHA Insight.




Source: Change and Communication Return on Investment Study 2013-2014, Towers Watson