Easy as One, Two, Three

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Pull at-risk projects back onto the rails and even better, prevent derailment in the first place:

Awaken. Heed. Align.™

1. AWAKEN.  

What You Get:

Research-based “AHA insights” in four key areas:

  • The innate strengths and weaknesses of your leadership team and workforce, which are the raw materials of your success
  • Market awareness and perceptions of your organization’s brand
  • Awareness and attitudes of the stakeholders whose engagement is essential to your success and critical gaps you must close in order to succeed
  • What it will take to close the gaps and align your stakeholders’ attitudes and actions with your objectives – e.g., build trust, raise awareness, shift misperceptions, fortify and amplify accurate perceptions, shape attitudes, motivate action

How We Do It:

  • Environmental scan provides baseline awareness of externalities (e.g., local, regional, national and global marketplace trends, influences, and perceptions) 
  • Stakeholder analysis points you in the right direction through insights into what is (e.g., levels of awareness, attitudes and behaviors of your most important stakeholders gleaned from literature reviews, surveys, and focus groups )
  • Organizational culture and leadership assessments illuminate blind spots, help you make the most of what you’ve got and grow critical executive skillsets (e.g., validated strengths assessments and verbal 360s)


2. HEED.  

What You Get:

Actionable insights, embraced by your team, enable you to turn the corner and get results. 

How We Do It:

  • Individual and team strength debriefs empower your leaders to operate with greater self-awareness, build on their innate strengths and appreciate those of others
  • Executive leadership team offsites chart direction, position for success and measurably improve performance
  • Intervention offsites build trust and surface sensitive team dynamics or issues that may be thwarting success


3. ALIGN. 

What You Get:

“Problems” vanish and results take root as key leaders at all levels gain confidence, build key capacities and build the resilience in order to navigate complex change terrain with greater clarity and ease.

How We Do It:

  • Executive coaching supports your leaders in the moment when taking risks and navigating sensitive dynamics
  • Customizable leadership development programs progressively develop and reinforce the critical leadership competencies required for your mission success – including the option for a Certified Leadership Coach™ program for in-house peer coaches
  • Strategic planning generates commitment to actionable priorities, roles and timelines with your most important stakeholders required to make vision real
  • Actionable plans align directly with your objectives and reinforce positive accountability
  • Implementation offsites help your team track progress, course-calibrate where needed, celebrate visible results and reinforce team resilience on a quarterly or semi-annual basis
  • Change leadership training equips your team with practical skillsets they can immediately apply with action-learning approaches that are customized and critical to mission success 
  • Business etiquette training to prepare executives to represent and elevate your brand 

AND MORE – The following can easily integrated into onsite and offsite experiences:

  • Intense relaxation workshops increase resilience and productivity by turning the brain completely off  
  • Mindfulness workshops equip leaders with pragmatic, research-based techniques shown to reduce stress and increase creativity and clarity with problem-solving
  • Adventure offsites take team performance to exhilarating heights by going outside and way beyond the comfort zone


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