Insight Coaching

How you benefit:

Multiple studies show that coaching delivers between $4-$8 per dollar invested through better decisions, better execution of those decisions, and retention of key employees.  Along the way you are integrating phenomenal people skills into your leadership team, which your clients and employees will value.

One-on-One Executive Coaching.  The greatest benefit of private executive coaching is illumination (and sometimes elimination) of blind spots.  We all have them, and only an outside perspective can help us see them.  You and your key leaders benefit from the ongoing support of a certified executive coach and professional, trusted confidant who is available to help you prepare for that crucial conversation or develop that important influence strategy. At AHA Insight, we help you see the forest and the trees, so that you can be maximally effective in your role as a key leader of a complex initiative. Our coaching is entirely confidential.

Assessments. From our point of view, incorporating insight from well-selected leadership style assessments is like turning the lights on in a dark home. Sure, you can figure out where the obstacles are without light, but it can hurt. Assessments bring “ouch-free” self awareness, which can be a powerful asset in working with others – because after all, you are your greatest asset. We are skilled in the following assessments: (validated) Profile XT, Kolbe-A; (affective) Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Firo-B, DISC, Gallup Strengthsfinder, Speed of Trust, Career Anchor – and more.

Team Coaching.  High performance teams know each other’s inborn strengths intimately. They dominate when able to maximize those strengths across the team.  In our custom team coaching programs, we begin with a “Team DNA” assessment that zeroes in on the matrix of inborn, intuitive strengths across the team.  This blows the lid off what teams think is possible in performance. Teams know they are operating solidly from their collective strengths when they are able to sustain higher levels of performance feeling energized, rather headed for burnout. 

Cohort/Group Coaching – MOREMeaning. Ownership. Results. Earnings.
We also offer an exclusive group coaching program that measurably increases leadership effectiveness across your organization. MORE™ provides organizations who are serious about raising their game with a cost-effective method to deliberately and consciously instill higher order leadership fundamentals deeper into the core of your organization. Be warned: our coaching content is not theoretical or airy-fairy. It is hard-hitting, interactive, and pragmatic. It equips your team with research-proven tools they can put to use immediately with the challenges they are facing today. Your staff will role-play with the tools in the safety of the classroom environment and then begin putting the tools to use when they walk out the door. Program delivery can be customized to meet your organization’s needs. We are only a phone call away when or if anyone gets stuck and needs help navigating a sensitive situation.