Is It Time for MORE?

How much of your team’s day goes to dealing with people problems? What becomes possible if those problems vanished?

The highest performing organizations instill proven “people skills” deeper within the organization’s structure [Listen to April Armstrong speak at the United States Military Academy at West Point on this topic].  The fact is – if you want to change the world and have more fun doing it – it is more important than ever for leaders at all levels in your organization to play roles they have not likely been prepared to play by their formal education. So, what do they do? THEY WING IT with the single most important element of your initiative’s success – namely, the people on whom your success depends [April Armstrong shares tips on unleashing the power of Millennial leaders]

It’s no wonder so many organizational changes ultimately fail to deliver the promised results, and between 40% and 80% of change projects run into trouble the red zone. The bottom line is that YOUR bottom line depends on leaders at all levels of your organization able to act as effective influence agents and lead change.

Screen shot 2014-07-24 at 12.38.32 AMMany organizations reserve professional coaching for top executives. THIS IS A MISTAKE: Studies show that the most impressive improvements in organizational performance take place once a large number of staff have received coaching. This makes sense given that while top executives and senior leaders set direction, it’s the daily actions and interactions of the project-level leaders that generate results.

If you are serious about the growth of your mission, professional coaching for your most valuable leaders at all levels is the investment you can’t afford not to make. In other words, it’s time for MORE™.

Our “no-fluff” curriculum is rooted in proven, pragmatic “best practice” change leadership” science. We equip your team with practical tools that they put to use IMMEDIATELY to start getting better results. And our coaches? They are the real deal – they have each led successful strategic change initiatives with Fortune 500 and privately-held mid-sized corporations, government agencies and non-profit organizations. Before and after assessments provide measurable leadership development benchmarks.

Want MORE™ in-house?
Ask us about customized options that fit your team’s unique needs like a glove.

Contact us today to bring this in-house in your organization.  And ask us about our Train-the-Trainer Certified Leadership Coach program to certify YOUR own in-house talent to train leaders with the MORE™ curriculum. What is the one thing that makes us happier than us creating new possibilities for your team? YOUR TEAM creating new possibilities for your team.

 More… about MORE:

  • Focuses on the 12 absolutely essential leadership competencies associated with the people-side of change.
  • Rooted in world-class, business-centered content, from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited Center for Executive Coaching.
  • Assessments illuminate blind spots and help leaders discover and operate even more productively from their innate strengths.
  • Includes on-call “red-zone” access to coaches who are themselves experienced business leaders in Fortune 500, nonprofit and government sectors.



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