We’ve Been In Your Shoes.

We know how demanding, and rewarding, it is to lead change.

A woman-owned small business, the AHA Insight roster includes nearly a dozen expert coaches, facilitators, communicators and organizational psychologists available to help you rock the people-side of transformational change. Several of our team members possess top clearances. Email us at admin@ahainsight.net to see how we may be able to assist you with your high-stakes project or initiative.


NEWS RELEASE, October 27, 2014: AHA Insight is proud to be a strategic partner with the Justice Coaching Center!

April Armstrong founded AHA Insight to help executives succeed with the “people” side of transformational change.

Our founder, April H. Armstrong, has helped dozens of technical organizations succeed with high-stakes projects and initiatives valued at more than a billion dollars. She has worked with leaders of some of the largest transformations in our country of the past two decades including the rise of connected and autonomous vehicles, the creation of the framework guiding catastrophic disaster response and preparedness, and technology modernization in the national security community. She is an expert in the “people” side of change, and its essential counterpart, transition.

April rose through the ranks in a large entrepreneurial consulting company, by attuning to market needs and delivering value. She built a multi-million dollar business area helping technical government and business leaders navigate large-scale strategic change, and was instrumental in stabilizing multiple high-risk projects and client relationships.  As one of four executive facilitators in a company of more than 45,000 employees and a former Division manager, April facilitated more than one hundred strategy meetings, expert panels, and consensus-building sessions with executives, technical experts and project managers. She led evaluation of the nation’s largest counter-terrorism and catastrophic disaster exercises, authoring the analysis which underpinned the National Response Plan and National Response Framework.

A former competitive triathlete and avid motorcyclist, April understands and is energized by high performance. She is author of The Day One Executive™, a new book which helps professionals stand out as executives beginning on Day One of their career. She has recently expanded her toolkit for executives leading change to include techniques for mindfulness, ‘whole body’ decision support and stress reduction. April is a contributor to Forbes and has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX networks across the country. She is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and serves as a judge for the Public Relations Society of America’s Annual Awards recognizing the most successful public relations campaigns across the country.